06 November 2010

first of many random post

Sitting in bed working on the blog, hmmm I don't really like that word, reminds me of blob, which makes me think of toothpaste, but that's past the point here, I just realized I don't like the word.  (OCD recovery #1) Anyway, sitting here in bed with kitty (my laptop) and H has rolled over to go to sleep.  I flipped through the movie channels and found Annie, oh cheese and rice! so of course I'm watching it with all it's lovely digitally remastered music.  Look over to H and he has buried himself, I know he's there somewhere...I can see how this would be hard to sleep through.  Mental note made, do not watch musicals while H is trying to sleep. Bleh.  I don't blame him that's gotta be like me trying to sleep through massive action scenes with a lot of gunfire.  On to watching Sweet Home Alabama, I've had this on so many times I'm sure he will be able to sleep well... ♥ g