08 January 2014

Prosperity Hens and Kitchen Decor

Ever since O was born I have really really not liked to cook.  I don't know if it is because of my ADD that it seems impossible to actually make a complete meal or if I am just worn out to take the time like I used to.  But I don't think this is going to fly with H when he returns home from deployment, one thing he misses most is my cooking!  Almost 2 years ago I bought this cup from Anthropologie and decided that I loved it so much I was going to redo the kitchen with it being my sole inspiration.  Through fertility treatments and crap weather in Illinois I had no energy left to redo the kitchen, so I held on to the cup. Eventually I gave up on the idea and returned the cup.  I have already started decorating the house I have never seen in my mind and of course no Pinterest and I decided that our next kitchen must inspire me to be the cook I once was.  Being certain that this "cup" was probably no longer in existence I thought I would start over and find some other inspiration.  To my surprise they still sell the cup!!!  I am in shock, but it is a sign.  To top it off my parents bought us all prosperity hens for Christmas and I really love them, but they wouldn't have gone with anything else and now they will have a perfect place to grace our home!