23 January 2011

keepin' it real

I never feel up for writing after a blah day, but if I only write on happy, exciting days it wouldn't reflect a true recollection of this point in my life. So here I am.

After finding out just how bad of teachers I had in HS (ok I'll take 25% of the blame) when it came to algebra (seriously cannot fathom how I have never heard of these terms)nI have elected to take a lower level algebra. What a slight blow to my self-esteem, however any class that causes me to sob like I did today, is clearly not worth it. So I will attempt to get up early tomorrow and hope that I can get one of the very few seats left, in one of the dozens of intermediate algebra classes. I guess I should feel a little better about completing a weeks worth or work already in two of my other classes.

I never imagined that this king size bed could ever feel this small, yes small. I taught the girls to sleep lengthwise, by putting their pillow pets in bed, unfortunately now when they flop around they make a full 180 turn, head on their pillow, to head next to mine. They are such good therapy though, I love how sweet they are. They really do make a bad day better, but not the way H does.

I miss him but I know that this is nothing. We have 50 days left as of today in a few hours we'll be down to 49, that's 7 weeks. I have failed to even think about all that is between now and then., Valentine's Day, my birthday.  Someone in class said "well at least you get to see him on your birthday" I hadn't looked at it like that, what a much better perspective on it. Still him leaving that day just makes me sad.

♥ g