02 January 2011

Give me a project...

Many of you who know me well know that the more I have going on, the happier I am. Yes I am one of those people who love to have an over-flowing plate.

I already have several things I'm going to devote time to while H is gone at boot camp. Like catching up scrapbooks, doing some things for H that I can't talk about yet, because he reads this, and of course writing him everyday (more than once I imagine).

For some 8-9 weeks may seem that it isn't a big deal, well for me and for us it is a big deal. We are both very much attached to each other and love spending A LOT of time together and well H is my best friend. So I'm looking for something to do that challenges me in some way, so give me some ideas and of course I'll post about it here!

Can't wait to read the ideas!

♥ g