19 March 2012

Do I Have Any Veins Left?

A good phlebotomist, ah hem like myself back in the day, should always ask a person which arm they would prefer to have blood drawn from.  After all the "donor" usually knows which arm (or area) is a better stick.  However, there are always exceptions right??  Like say the "donor" almost looks like a drug user (can't insert which type of drug user, because I am drug stupid and have no idea what drugs are injected) and has obvious holes still in various stages of healing, wouldn't you think to look at the other arm???  No?  Okay so it was just me?  Anyway after a brief explanation word hints of fertility treatment, pregnant, several draws I finally suggested that perhaps we should look at the other arm, it hadn't been poked in over a week.  I guess that wasn't bright of me to make any suggestions, that was the worst stick I have ever had.  BUT it was worth it because that sample showed us just what we hoped for, still elevated levels and a healthy pregnancy!!!  Next up a series of ultrasounds.  And possibly more blood work, I only assuming anyway, I mean why not??  ♥ g