03 March 2016

2016 Cycle #1

I wanted to blog more about this adventure but I haven't been keeping up.  School and life has just been more than I have hours in the day for.

We started cycle #1 a week ago, which means I've been on hormone medication for a week and I have not needed bail money, no one has disowned me (not publicly anyway), and I have not had a total meltdown yet.  I feel this is going well.  MMMkay, so I may be sugar coating it.  There was a night when the hard drive in my laptop died. (night before first dose)  I threatened to drop out of grad school when it couldn't be repaired. (morning of first dose) I bawled over some Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey at my best friend's house. (gosh was that the night of the first or second dose) I am not sure but I may have been the reason she opened and finished a bottle of wine that night, by herself. Then there was the night that hard drive #2 started hating on me.  Sweet genius hubby rushing out to buy hard drive #3 for me.  Spending RIDICULOUS HOURS recovering files, transferring them and then reinstalling all my programs...for a second time.  We get passed that crisis and 2 out of 3 of us get sick.  One ER visit because the triage nurse over the phone said we needed to spend all day in an ER have O checked out.  Hubby gets home today and he is getting sick. Mother Nature PLEASE make up your damn mind!!! This weather has got to stop, be warm or be cold, just PICK ONE!  We can not handle this. *cough hack cough*

I am certain I have gained more weight than I want to admit to this week, however I'll get it lost again, I have to.  Just need a kinder, less insane week or so.

♥ g