25 April 2016

Day One of Letting it Go

Monday's are never kind to me, I am thankful to have another day, Monday and I just don't see eye to eye.  Earlier than usual alarm set so that I have enough time to battle whatever Monday morning insanity comes my way and still attempt to make it out the door on time.  That didn't happen.

Dropped O off at school and headed in to work.  I wasn't feeling the day and really wasn't feeling like I could tell my co-worker and boss that I quit grad school.  Their responses surprised me, support, the same kind of support they gave last semester when I thought 18 hours would kill me.  My boss even said it was a good decision. Support.

Later in the day things were looking up and a dear friend text me to call her, she was worried.  I jokingly told her it would be weeks before I could handle a phone call (we have the kind of calls that last hours or until one of our phones die, filled with laughter and tears, empathy and advice).  I sent her the blog link for her to read what happened.  She knew about a lot of what lead up to this.  Again I found incredible support.  She said I was one of her biggest role models, wow.

My mom, who has always been there for me, and even more so when it comes to my degrees said she was proud of my decision and called me a good mom for it. Support.

O and I went to dinner and somehow she managed to eat too much too fast and semi-gagged/choked.  I soothed her as I put my hand out to catch it all, telling her it was okay.  As I was cleaning up, the man across from us says, "mothers always amaze me, you all can do anything." I didn't really know what to say, I wanted to apologize for the scene however he clearly wasn't bothered.  I told him thank you with a sincere smile as to say, "bless you and your mother."

I didn't expect the support and love I received today.  God knew I needed it, and He provided. Sometimes when we stop trying to force our plan, we are blessed beyond our expectations with His plan.

Today was a Monday.  Today I learned that my choices are supported by those who love me no matter what. Today I had dinner with our daughter and didn't have to rush to get home for school.  Today I get to end the night with snuggles instead of saying, "maybe tomorrow."  Today I realized this was the best decision I have made in a long time.

♥ g