09 December 2010

where shoes belong and seeing kitty

H-"Roxy, tell momma that shoes don't go in the kitchen"
*Roxy takes my side and we both ignore H and forget all about what he said"

G-*walks into dark kitchen later* "oh geeze I thought I stepped on an animal"
H-"well that is why shoes don't go in the kitchen"
G-"ya know, don't be surprised if I start storing shoes in the oven again after you are gone"
H-"I'll be gone you can store whatever you want in there"

(flipping through a pottery barn kids catalog)
G-"hey look what kind of luggage they have now"
H-"wait that looks like Navy camo"
G-"yes that is what I was trying to show you"
H-"oh I thought you were showing me the Hello Kitty, oh that's not Hello Kitty"
(I start playing a game on my phone)
H-*shakes head*
H-"at first I thought that was Hello Kitty, you have so much Hello Kitty in here I'm seeing things"
G-"well, I hadn't really intennnnnnded on so much coming in here before you left, maybe after you left, but it happens..."

I adore H, I'm worried who I will have these lovely conversations with when he is not around, guess I'll talk to the dogs more, ha ha.  On a heartfelt serious note, I recieved Hello Kitty rhinestone earbuds today in the mail, a total surprise, it wasn't a Christmas gift, it was a "just because" gift sprinkled with love and support for my soon-to-be life.  I feel so much love and support from military wives and friends around me that I'm not half as worried as I had been about getting through 9 weeks without H.  I also participated in a military nesties gift exchange, my secret santa was awesome, I got Starbucks goodies and Hello Kitty goodies.  So fun to have ladies like this that I don't even know to go to and do fun little things like this with.  I'm such a goober when it comes to little surprises in the mail, am I the only one?

On a health note, October and November has nearly killed me, down 56lbs and up 18? Oh I hate the holidays and their evil foods...ok October was doused in sugar from fairs, homecoming, amusement park and just bad traveling lol...then it just continued...oh I suppose I better get to the pool or to the gym before I have no jeans that fit me...what a downer! I can do this though I just have to get my head back on right and get rid of the soda in our home...water, water, water. 

School starts soon and I'm already getting emails from professors, yay! (yes I am a nerd, geek, dork...whatever) I'm looking forward to having class 2 days a week to get me out of the house and in the meantime I can still work and get caught up on scrapbooks. 

Brrrrr winter is almost here, think it's a good time to cuddle up to H and go to sleep.

♥ g