15 May 2015

It is all done out of LOVE

I sit here with tears in my eyes once again, yet this time I can provide a list of reasons they are present.  Finals week has been anything but easy or productive, I have 2 large dogs having tummy issues that I pray is nothing major, a 2 year old princess who is just not getting enough of my time right now, a house that is anything but up to my standard of organized, a schedule that has our family disconnected and my heart hurting and missing family and friends that are so far away from us.  And yet I keep going and retain the belief that I can do this, I can do it all because it's all done out of love.

My brother once told me something along theses lines that doing something is how you know you are doing a good job at being a mom, doing nothing is when you can question yourself.  I was a really new mom with a sick newborn who kept me up all night worrying about her breathing and he drops by and finds me in a bathrobe in tears.  I held on to what he said and 3 years later still do.

I know this will pass, but I need to remind myself all the tears, late nights, worrying is done out of love.

♥ g