30 April 2012

Final Ultrasound and Graduation

Today was our final visit with the RE and the clinic.  We have really enjoyed working with everyone there.  Anyone who has been down this road no matter how long or short the journey may have been fully understands having a staff of nurses and doctor that genuinely care for you and your growing family.  Dr. W and my favorite nurse came in to the ultrasound room and told us that everything looked great, we had a healthy pregnancy and we could tell the world if we wanted to.  They then presented us with a little gift bag of baby goodies and a ty plushies teddy bear.  Almost the exact same one I had once placed in our "nursery" nearly 8 years prior.  It was a good sign and something I will never forget.  H, I and baby R had graduated and were headed to see an OB for the remainder of the pregnancy.  God is good!

♥ G