24 January 2011

and the roller coaster goes up...

Woke up way later than I had planned (not happy with the new downstairs neighbor and his noises in the middle of the night) so I got to school at 8-something. Went to all the appropriate places and stood in all the appropriate lines and around 9:30 I found my way to my hopefully-soon-to-be math professor. He has a 10:00 office hr so it was working out well so far.

Headed to the bookstore to see what I could do about my already opened math book and used mymathlab code. That would be nothing...I could return it all for $125 and take the code back and they would charge me $90 for it. Then I would get a new bundle of books for another $125 and they would keep the new code, and if the old code wouldn't work for the new class, guess what? Another $90 code. *sigh* yes this seems fair, oh well, whatever I have to do. So I return a different book and hang on to the math book and code until I have talked to my new professor.

He was more than willing to let me in his class and was surprised I was going to a lower level, he says he is usually trying to talk students into doing what I was asking to do. I like him already. He got me set up and squared away. Then I brought up the code situation, yup I needed a new one, nice. On top of that I was going to need another graphing calculator, I have 2 already, but thanks to technology I needed a different one. There goes another $150.

So I go to several more appropriate offices and get told I'm not in the appropriate office, so back to the first appropriate office, after several trips back and forth from one end of campus to the other I finally got the itty bitty signature that the old bitty was so hesitant to give me. The registrar saw who it was and assured me that it wasn't me, that she lives to make other people miserable. Well 1 out of 5 people being awful in one morning at a college, not bad in my opinion.

Back to the bookstore to cause some more damage to my financial aid. I had already been told I needed another code but I just wanted to try it anyway, before I spent another $90.  So we went with the return for $125, bill me for $90 and then I would get the new books for another $125, then the girl behind the desk mumbled something to the other lady and the lady says "I was thinking the same thing, sure" girl hands me the textbook and solutions manual and says "a guy came in earlier and was returning everything too, but didn't have the code, he got mad and said we could trash these, a few pages are folded, they are free if you want them" uh yeaaaa! I just kind of stood there in shock.  The irony of me benefiting from someone else's temper is just too much.  So we are back to just returning $125 and spending $90, I can deal with this.  I ask about the calculators, and after hearing they really were $150 I said I'd have to wait.  She then lets me know they have used ones.  Really? Wow! So they are just under $100 and I know they are over $100 at walmart, so sure why not.  It looks brand new.  I am pleased!! So I thank the girl repeatedly and went on my way.

I get home and try the code, nope it wanted a new one.  I clearly don't always take no for an answer, especially when it is going to cost me $90.  So I called the customer service number with mymathlab.  After a 20 minute wait time I told the lady what the situation was, that I was still only in one class, and I asked if we could, oh say void the previous registration and class and use it for the new one.  She says "sure".  *mouth drops open*  yea, my day went WAY better than I had ever hoped.

So my advice isn't to not take no for an answer, just to explore all the possibilities before you accept no is the answer...
♥ g