our story

Where do I start?  We met in 1999, *sigh* that makes me feel so old.  I hate to say it was love at first sight, simply because that is so cliche, but it was, we just didn't really want to admit it at the time.  For several weeks co-workers asked me if I would date certain other co-workers, to which I always replied no.  H finally tricked me into working a lock in with him.  On a break I started to fall asleep, he decided to kiss me.  Definitely woke me up and got my attention, which is what co-workers had been trying to do for him.  He learned pretty quick that the direct approach works best with me.  Our romance was short lived and we went our separate ways in 2000.  I felt I had a lot to accomplish on my own and wasn't where I needed to be in life.  On the day we broke up he told me, "I will always love you" to which I replied with, "that is the biggest crock of crap I have ever heard."  At the time I thought he was just trying to make me feel bad.  Turns out, he meant exactly that...

In 2001 we tried dating again.  This time H was the one that needed to get some things figured out.  I let him go and was much nicer about it than the previous break up.

In late 2002 a close mutual friend of ours wanted to go out, so I said, "sure let's meet at Edna's."  He asked if he could bring H, I said, "no way, why?"  He said ok, but hours later showed up with him anyway.  This is where we just say it was all over from the moment he walked into the door.  He swept me off my feet that night and had my heart, all of it.  We knew right away that God was finished with us enough to continue on together.  On Christmas Eve 2002 H proposed and caused the craziest Christmas ever.  I must have sensed it was going to be a whirlwind of a holiday because I refused to go anywhere Christmas Eve, I wanted to do pizza and movies with H at my condo, that was it.  Well I got what I wanted and after that we had to make the rounds to ALL of our family.  It was a blur up until we started planning the wedding.

The summer of 2003 we were married.  Has it been a fairytale ever since?  Not hardly, anyone who says marriage is easy is insane.  It has been at times, a fairytale, and others a nightmare.  We were taught lessons we didn't think we needed and had many tests of our faith in God and each other.  We learned that God will carry us through the rough times, as long as we stand together.  We discovered that standing together we are stronger than we ever imagined.  Through it all we became best friends and that alone makes every day worth it. 

In 2009 we uprooted our life and moved to the Dallas, Texas area.  It shocked just about everyone we knew and wasn't the easiest thing we have ever done.  It was exactly what we needed though and has best prepared us for our next adventure.  In 2010 we made the wildest decision ever.  H joined the Navy!  So here we are, figuring it out, all over again, as pink goes Navy.