25 February 2011

17 Days

I think it's odd that I think to write on days which have 7 in them...boxes are piling up and we had to get 2 storage units.  I must find time to go through everything and seriously do the keep, toss, donate game with it ALL. Attempted to plan a surprise party for H however completely out-of-the-blue family drama ruined it.  People can be so selfish in so many ways, time, energy, love and even money.  I guess I don't get it.  We have revamped the going away party idea and while it is no longer a surprise I'm still excited about it.  H is too, which makes me most happy.  In a few weeks we will be moving.  Hard to believe I'll be moving a few times this year, getting orders for a base will be sooooo nice when the time finally comes.  Those orders may not come till end of 2012, oh well, it is all an adventure.  I think I will make a nice wall adornment that says just that, in case I forget.  This will be the first birthday that I have not looked forward to for months prior.  It's almost as if I'm not going to acknowledge it at all.  I have this idea that when you are in the military, you WILL miss holidays and birthdays and anniversary, so why not make up your own?  I think I will pick an August birthday this year, that's fair right?  ha ha...*sigh*...I love my life and those who are in it.  I think I'll leave this post with that.

♥ g