25 February 2011

17 Days

I think it's odd that I think to write on days which have 7 in them...boxes are piling up and we had to get 2 storage units.  I must find time to go through everything and seriously do the keep, toss, donate game with it ALL. Attempted to plan a surprise party for H however completely out-of-the-blue family drama ruined it.  People can be so selfish in so many ways, time, energy, love and even money.  I guess I don't get it.  We have revamped the going away party idea and while it is no longer a surprise I'm still excited about it.  H is too, which makes me most happy.  In a few weeks we will be moving.  Hard to believe I'll be moving a few times this year, getting orders for a base will be sooooo nice when the time finally comes.  Those orders may not come till end of 2012, oh well, it is all an adventure.  I think I will make a nice wall adornment that says just that, in case I forget.  This will be the first birthday that I have not looked forward to for months prior.  It's almost as if I'm not going to acknowledge it at all.  I have this idea that when you are in the military, you WILL miss holidays and birthdays and anniversary, so why not make up your own?  I think I will pick an August birthday this year, that's fair right?  ha ha...*sigh*...I love my life and those who are in it.  I think I'll leave this post with that.

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  1. Unfortunately, it's not an Idea about special days being missed =/. There's just no way to sugar coat that without disappointment coming later on. R left 2 days before my birthday, missed Christmas, new years, was home for his birthday, and left on Valentine's Day... We managed to spend our anniversary together, but I was pretty determined to move out there as to not miss anything else. As much as it sucks to have those special days missed, it's still possible to try to enjoy them as much as possible. When I said I wanted to get you out of the house after H leaves, I at least wanted to stress the importance of staying active. I'm not much of a social person, much less active, but changing that part of myself really helped with dealing with the Loss. If you focus too much on how "terrible" the special days will be without him, it could mess up your view of those days when you Are together. My birthday was saved last year by having an amazing and unrepeatable experience. It's no longer the day I spent alone a year and a half ago. It's now the day of the Great Cupcake Disaster! Valentine's day was almost ruined because I couldn't stop focusing on how awful it was last year and by things not going as we hoped this year. It was saved when we just grabbed some food elsewhere, drank some "fancy" alcohol and cuddled up. Military seems to have a special talent for trying to mess things up for us spouses... If we let them, they win. And we just can't have that happen! (Sorry for the excessive rambling!! So many things going through my head lol)
    This will be the greatest adventure of your life!

    As any adventure can go, it Will have it's ups and downs. I'm not the greatest of examples of a Mil Wife handling things as best as she can, but I'm still learning in this newest installment of our own adventure.
    This place is notorious for being difficult to find friends, but if we can enjoy being with each other as much as we can, then I'm fine with the ones I have, no matter how far they are.