14 March 2011

the day

Yep, today is the day that couldn't get here fast enough for us, then when it did I wanted more time. H spent his last night with me last night, it will be at least 92 nights before I get to curl up next to him, have him play with my hair or rub my back when I can't fall asleep on my own, 92 nights that I will not have his hand to hold or his chest to fall asleep on...it's going to be a very long 92 nights without him. I actually slept well last night, perhaps I thought avoiding thinking about the last night would make it better. Perhaps God just knows how physically and emotionally exhausted I am. H didn't sleep at all.

Today was also my birthday, while I couldn't feel more blessed and loved with the family and friends I have, I did not have the energy to return calls, or even return facebook messages/comments, this will give me something to do in the sleepless nights to come. H woke me up with a Hello Kitty cookie cake this morning. Stating that he picked it up early because he knew I would want it for breakfast, my Aunti is right, that man is a saint.

My mom is also here, to well be momma, because I need it right now. She took me shopping today and H graciously tagged along. We hit Dillard's for Clinique bonus time and then the Lego store. Yes, I am 30-something now and I still love make-up AND Lego's. I bought Lego's last year on my birthday and I needed more to make my flower bed larger. My mom even thought the store was pretty cool.

We has lunch at California Pizza Kitchen it was wonderful. Stopped at Three Dog Bakery and got the girls St. Patty's Day cupcakes. Then off to Super H Mart to get some yummy Korean seasoning, aloe juice and Korean pears. This time I did not take photographs and was not seen as a threat by the Super H Mart "police". Nor did I buy or have anything Hello Kitty bought for me that makes my husband ashamed to be seen with me.

Birthday dinner was at Genghis's Grill, I love that place. I was given birthday brownie (what's a calorie again?) and H saved me from the embarrassment of being sang to. He was thanked.

At the Hotel it was time to say bye, which I, like so many people are terrible at. I bawled, and looked pathetic and couldn't have cared less. I hurt so very bad and feel so empty with out H here, but this pain is a much lesser pain than many are feeling all over the world, in different places, for different reasons. I need to remain strong and be thankful for every moment I have with those I love. These tears will eventually stop and I will see him again soon. I have amazing family and friends and as long as I remember this and that God has this under control I shouldn't have a thing to worry about. Feel free to remind me of this when I become unstable and refuse to leave my bedroom.

Tomorrow we watch H swear in and then he is off. After that I will sit and wait for his call from boot camp. Then the countdown till I see his handsome face will begin. At least this time I will become more excited as the days count down.

♥ g

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