23 November 2011

Our First Navy Nest

Our First Navy Nest
This cozy little nook has been changed from a "dining room" to the puppy nook, it's a great area to toss the mail, hang leashes and keys.  The pictures are 12x12 frames with 12x12 scrapbook pages with grayscale prints of our puppy girls placed in the middle! The baskets are your everyday rectangle storage baskets with ribbon tide towards the back to make it hang at a slight tilt.  I used a butter knife to push the ribbon between the tightly woven basket sides.

I love this wall, H & I wanted to do black, greys and white in our living room, but I needed a bit of color and character! Antique jars are filled with random finds such as wine bottle corks and game dice.  The photo is a fond place from home home, fits nicely in our new nest. Lack shelves from IKEA!!

Our beautiful grey bedroom!

The laundry closet!

Pinterest and Get No Rest

I am finally pinning away on Pinterest which has prompted me keep up with my projects a little better all so I can pin them to my own board, ha ha!!  So let the projects begin!

Bread Basket Warmers
These are made with rice and a kitchen towel. Why a kitchen towel? Well because I need these for Thanksgiving and Target doesn't sell fabric, oh what trouble I would be in if they did...Plus this fabric is good and thick and has a nice kitchen design.  I bought one small bag of long grain white rice split it in 2 then took the towel and cut it into fours, using the already sewn edges I replicated the cut edges to match. Sew 3 sides, fill with rice and sew final side.  Pop these in the microwave till hot and place in the bottom of a bread basket under the towel and there ya go, warm bread.  These can also be used to calm tense muscles or warm toes on a cold night!

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