23 November 2011

Pinterest and Get No Rest

I am finally pinning away on Pinterest which has prompted me keep up with my projects a little better all so I can pin them to my own board, ha ha!!  So let the projects begin!

Bread Basket Warmers
These are made with rice and a kitchen towel. Why a kitchen towel? Well because I need these for Thanksgiving and Target doesn't sell fabric, oh what trouble I would be in if they did...Plus this fabric is good and thick and has a nice kitchen design.  I bought one small bag of long grain white rice split it in 2 then took the towel and cut it into fours, using the already sewn edges I replicated the cut edges to match. Sew 3 sides, fill with rice and sew final side.  Pop these in the microwave till hot and place in the bottom of a bread basket under the towel and there ya go, warm bread.  These can also be used to calm tense muscles or warm toes on a cold night!

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