10 November 2011

To Post or Not to Post

There are certain days that I should not be allowed to express my opinion, therefore definitely not be allowed to blog. I haven't yet decided if this is one of those days or if I should just give my generally positive-happy-go-lucky self a pass to be bitchy and negative.

It is November here in our northern location and well frankly I'm already over it and we haven't even had snow. I miss our previous southern home, and finding myself even missing our previous mid-western home thanks to my distaste for the current "home". I knew that in this adventure we would probably end up in some places that I would have to be creative in remaining positive about, however yet again I'm having one of those days where nothing is coming to mind, just negative thoughts about the lack of sun, cold temps which are just getting colder and the wind that makes me want to curse like never before. I could say on a positive note that we haven't had to turn on our heater yet, but I am convinced that is due to Satan or some member of his family residing below us, most likely his dog, who irritates all of us, all hours of the day and night. We don't pay for our heat to begin with so there is no plus there. So the only thing I can find to be positive about is that it may be a few more weeks before we do have to turn it on, therefore until then the air will not become so dry that I will want to scrape my own skin off.

I have found entertainment in feeding the sweet squirrels and birds off of our deck. That is until I watched a greedy squirrel take off with a whole ear of corn and then later have an Alfred Hitchcock type bird slam into our window. I've resisted putting out anymore food until we have obtain proper food dispensers. Why can't the scary big black birds find food elsewhere? H found this humorous, claiming that I can't feed one without feeding them all. The puppy girls are quite confused as to why the outside animals seem to be getting more food than they are. I fear one of these days I'm going to end up with a squirrel in our house...

The positive side of me is sneaking in and telling me to take my whining butt to bed so I can start over tomorrow. I think I'll do just that, and not get out of bed until I can manage a better mood.


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