10 November 2011

Recycled Wax

I go through a lot of Scentsy wax and every time I pour it in the trash I feel like I'm wasting it, so a friend suggested that I make candles out of it. Well, here is my first one. I bought mason jars and wicks at Michael's. I didn't buy the sticky things to hold the wick in place because I thought it was a waste of money and honestly, how hard can it be to get a wick to stay put with a little wax? Not very. After getting the wick in place I used a twix-it clip attached to the top of the wick to hold it in place while resting on top of the jar opening, this just keeps the wick centered while you pour more hot wax into the jar. I hear we should expect power outages this winter, so these may come in handy, and if not, they are pretty candles I may use next summer when we have dinner on the deck.

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