10 November 2011

Plaster of Paris Roses

I can't exactly say what show it was, or that I was actually watching daytime television to start with, but I know it was on tv, I just caught a glimpse of it and overheard that they were dipping stuff into plaster of paris and it looked pretty cool. I think they were using plastic fruit, but I thought preserving my already fragile roses in the stuff might be even cooler...well not knowing what I was doing I just went for it. Bought the smallest industrial size bucket of plaster of paris and mixed it with water until I thought the mixture was thick enough to coat the roses but thin enough to let the definition of the petals show through. I dipped the dried (very dried roses) in the mix, rolled them around a bit then set them on paper towels. Left to dry over night this is what they looked like, I will perhaps make another mixture of thin plaster of paris and "paint" over any areas which the rose is showing through, or perhaps I won't I think they look pretty cool just as they are...

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