18 January 2011

Spring Semester Day 1

I love the first day of the new semester.  This semester started in a sweet and memorable way.  H took me to class and even got a "first day" pic for my mom, she loved it.  I haven't had anyone take me to class since we had bad weather back in high school.  This was also our first day of sharing a car.  Let's just say that both of us had our own car at 15, perhaps just a little spoiled.  So this could be interesting = )

Anyway, classes, first day of classes went well.  I definitely have a variety this semester for which I am thankful.  The class I had the most apprehension about was guitar, yes I play, no I won't play in front of others.  So I thought what a better way to get over it and learn more.  I was quite excited after watching the professor and getting a feel for his teaching style, then I was completely let down when I found out that we can't use electric guitars.  Neither H nor I have acoustic guitars. What. A. Bummer. Then it occurred to me that I might just be able to get a used acoustic guitar for about the price of an ill-written textbook, that I will ultimately only be able to sell back for a fraction of the price I paid.  Not that the bookstore sells guitars but I do have financial aid coming to me, so the wheels started turning.  I decided to negotiate in a mild, persuasive, feminine manner, (call it what you want) to my professor that if I could use my electric for a few more weeks, that I would get an acoustic before we got too deep into the semester and I'd make sure to keep up.  He was more than agreeable.  Now how much is this going to cost? Is this even possible?

I'm finally getting around to taking college algebra, not because I need to take it, but because I want to take it.  I love the professor and her manner of teaching, she wants you to learn and understand the material, rather than just getting through a chapter and testing over it.  How do I know this? Because I attempted to take her class online, however for those of you who remember, it ended very very badly for me.  We are going to just move on and far, far away from that.  I contemplated returning the text book and purchasing just the online version, well for only $35 more I'll keep my sanity and comfort in the real pages of a math book. 

I was informed that I was probably in the wrong government class for Texas requirements and was excused to go to the registrar and "tell them that they were going to put me in the other class even if it's closed, because they didn't do their job to advise me" (I like this professor already).  This was great and all, however I saw the line for advising, I would have been there all day. I opted to just stay put.  It doesn't really matter since I am pretty confident I'm not graduating with a bachelors in the state of Texas anyway, so they can argue all they want with surrounding states that they have their courses in the wrong order.

Is it 2:15 yet? I'm starving, stupid idea to skip breakfast.  My ADD gets way worse when I'm feeling faint. H was there to pick me up and pitched the guitar idea.  Although food was the priority, we happened to pass a Guitar Center on the search for something to eat. Yay!!!  Chick-fil-A saves the day and then we are off to the greatest toy store ever!  This Guitar Center was HUGE...oh...my...gee.  I had to send a "lookie where we are" pic to my nephew.  I was totally thrown off the mission first by the hundreds and hundreds of beautiful guitars on the wall, then by the single bubble gum pink fender...*SQUEEEEEEL* at this point H calls his super knowledgeable dad and starts the intense conversation in the acoustic room about what to get me.  I ventured off on my own and found out that Guitar Center has layaway, oh sweet music to my ears.  Do I need the pink Fender, that's debatable, do I want it, OH YES, more than I want another Coach and cheaper than another pair of UGGS.  I mean LOOK at her...

I love Lola, my Daisy Rock electric, don't get me wrong.  I've never liked H's Fender Stratocaster, because it doesn't fit me, but THIS Fender fits...Oh ya we are here for an acoustic guitar...where's my husband?  I find H back in the acoustic room still on the phone with his dad and he hands me a beautiful classical guitar, used but at a great price.  The sales guy who had carried my pink Fender all over the store for me, as I wandered, came in and showed me another guitar and it was black, and felt good and just a little more.  I was smitten.  When I placed it in position I thought H was going to die of embarrassment, you see when you play classical guitar it's rather unnatural and looks odd to anyone who is not familiar.  I was thankful for the sales guy bouncing over and showing him how it's done, I didn't look or feel so stupid.  This is a whole new avenue for H and his Dad, neither play a classical with nylon strings. I'm kind of excited that I will be able to show him something new = ) So I told H they had layaway, and he said let's do it *happy dance, goofy smile* So yup a fabulous deal and she'll be all mine in about 3 weeks.  Here's the kick in stomach, the guitar WAS less than the average I paid per text book for my other classes.  Feeling very good about it.  Not sure Mr. Cash would appreciate a girl guitar being named after him, but hey, he's not around to complain is he?  Meet "JC" = ) Did I mention we have to perform in a concert in April? Oh ya, taking this on vi et animo style... ♥ g