18 March 2011

who needs to walk?

I started walking with the dogs yesterday morning. What a great way to start my day. It was a good walk and the girls did pretty good. Today however they were bouncing all over the bed wanting me to wake up. I thought to myself, they think they want me to get up, but little do they know we are going for a longer walk today. I love the idea that I have 2 4-legged walking buddies for my "training" for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk for a cure. Not so sure they are as excited. We got up and they both hurdled the baby gate like champion jumping horses half a dozen times. I'm pretty sure they did it for the fun of it, they should have saved their energy. We headed out and it was already warming up some, but that's okay a good sweat in the morning is a good thing. The first half of the walk was full of me saying "easy, easy". Once we hit the turn around for today I was having to give them pep talks to keep them going. And I thought I was out of shape? I guess I'm in shape just not the shape I want. Poor girls I could see the sweat coming out of their fur. They did make it and I seriously considered letting them soak in a tub of cool water, they did try to get me to let them in a few fountains as we walked by them. Such labs, so cute. They made it to the water bowl and then passed out, and are still out. I have more arranging and unpacking/repacking to do today and lots of reading to do for school. A few more days and I can say I officially made it through week 1, feeling pretty good = )

♥ g