05 February 2016


We have been down this road before, more than once so we pretty much know what to expect.  Everyone gets checked out to make sure swimmers are focused and strong, tubes are clear and ovaries are good to do their thing.  When you are juggling pretty crazy schedules things start to get tricky.  First task is to get a sample of swimmers tested to see if they can be frozen and revived (I'm pretty sure that's not the medical terminology but this part is all new to us).  Which just sounds torturous but I promise they do this all the time. If you have ever been a part of this process you know that timing is something of the essence on when swimmers can be released and when they need to be held so making this trip can't just be when you have a free moment.  Then there is the whole having to schedule the appointment as well, so you have another schedule to work in.  We originally made the appointment to do this at the lab in February, H being concerned about time asked if there was any way we could do it sooner to work around his currently known schedule. Let me make another call.  I can't tell you how sweet the gal is that has been handling these calls and trying to make it work for us.  Which brings us to the next problem.  She asks if we can do a drop off instead of an appointment, reminding me it would have to be kept at body temperature and be in the andrologist's possession no later than 45 minutes from collection. Well give me the addresses and let me pull up google maps.  Yea, we are 38 minutes away and traffic here is ridiculously unpredictable.  That's too much of a risk.  So I tell her we'd figure it out, she laughs, she knows exactly where this is going.  I explain the situation to H and he's in agreeance that we will make it work and he will meet me there. Alrighty then. I arrive early because we have no approved collection container. I go in to get the container and ask the girl if we really needed to make a different kind of appointment to be able to do this at their office, because otherwise we were going to have to figure this out on some country road less than 45 minutes away. She laughed and said she more than understands and we can come in to avoid breaking any laws in this process. Whew! Step one done!

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