28 November 2010

It has been a year...

Military Banquet

 We were invited to a military appreciation banquet a few weeks ago.  It was held by the Shriners in Garland.  Neither of us knew what to expect but it was great.  They did an empty table ceremony and an enlistment ceremony, both very moving.  The enlistment ceremony was actually "mock" but not many people knew that and so they were all very moved to see the four "future Sailors" swear in.  H participated and the same person that swore him in at MEPS was the one that led the ceremony.  We heard an amazing story from an Air Force Colonel who was a POW in Vietnam.  A prisoner for 6 years and 3 months.  An Admiral gave H his first "coin" making it all that much more special.  I took my place as a military wife with support and love from strangers, what an incredible feeling.  I know it is just the beginning.  ♥ g

October 2010

Well I can't recall everything from my last blog, but I will do my best. 

October went by way too fast, there was the State Fair which was so much fun.  Went with a good friend and H didn't get to go, he was working.  The next weekend was OSU Homecoming, I hadn't been back for it in 12 years, thought it was about time.  They lost...it was their first loss of the season, oh ya I felt somewhat responsible.  Being back in orange and all, ha ha.  Halloween weekend H took me to Six Flags, since I had never been I was very very excited.  It was the last weekend of the season and it was packed! We didn't get to ride many rides but we made a great memory and that's all that really matters.

♥ g