05 January 2011

Illegal Interview Questions....that I will answer

· What does your husband do?
"currently he has his own business, but is getting to spend a lot of time at home right now"

· Do you own or rent your home?
"rent, I've lived in a neighborhood where we owned our home and where I hated half the people on my street, I like to keep my options and exits readily available"

· How old are you?
"30 and don't feel a day over 21, except the mornings after I play like I'm 21"

· Do you have any disabilities?
"yes diagnosed with ADD, and self diagnosed with OCD, so yes I have a lot of things going on at once, that will eventually get done, and you better believe they will all be damn near perfect, or I'll be busy redoing them"

· What is your religion?
 "for all formal purposes I am catholic, however I am looking more into meditation retreats and Buddhism, almost weekly"

· Whom did you vote for in the last election?
 "McCain, yet I have kept an open mind thus far"

· Do you plan to have a family?
 "we tried, it wasn't in God's plan, so we have 2 dogs that we tend to spoil, yet in comparison to many people  we know who have dogs, they are all WAY crazier than we are..."

· Have you ever been arrested?
 "yep, but it's a sealed record, when they asked if I was affiliated with any gangs, I cried and told them, just youth group, they didn't have the heart to actually put us in a cell"

· Where were you born?
 "in El Reno, OK...no jokes, I'm lucky to be alive apparently"

· What is your ethnic background?
 "lots of Irish and Scottish, thank goodness for strong bloodlines and red hair, otherwise I'd think my temper and ability to consume liquor would be cause for therapy, or rehab"

· To what clubs or social organizations do you belong?
 "just my sorority alumnae association, oh and PETA, but I wear fur and eat meat, oh and I AM going to hunt in Minnesota this year"

Have a question? I'd love to answer it = )

ha ha ♥ g