21 March 2012

Joust a plaisance!!

We have attempted many times to go to Medieval Times in Texas and in Florida and it just hasn't ever worked in our favor.  Not only did we finally get the chance, we got it all free.  Here in the military community we have this a thing called the MWR, Morale, Welfare and Recreation.  It's mission is to keep military members and/or their families connected by means of just what is says, morale, welfare and recreation.  They host events, they give away tickets, they plan just about everything and anything you can think of and have rentals for camping, boating etc. I could go on all day, but you get the point.  Anyway, we noticed on Facebook that our MWR was giving away VIP ticket packages, first come first serve.  You had better believe I told H to go, go, go!!!  He obviously wasn't the only one sent on this mission, when he got to the counter he was greeted with, "let me guess, your wife sent you?" what, are we the only ones on Facebook?  Don't answer that...

So off we went to my first theatrical jousting tournament!! H has been before and has since been trying to take me (as previously stated).  Let me just say that it was amazing, yummy food, good drinks, yes even the non-alcoholic ones, and how cool was the decor.  Maybe I should mention this was all still during the cocktail hour, we hadn't even gone into the arena.  Yep, sometimes I am just easily impressed, but no this place was awesome.

Once again I expressed how since this was the first, blah, blah, Medieval Times, blah, blah, maybe we should get the baby something from here, blah, blah... Okay that probably IS how it sounded to H who at this point is thinking "wow this kiddo is going to have so much "momentous" crap before they are ever born..." I realized that buying the cute princess hat could possibly end up royally pissing off our son and cause him to think I didn't care about him...alright no buying of "stuff" until perhaps we know if it is a girl or a boy...but what about a cute stuffed dragon??  No?  Alright...

Oh the drama begins!!!  We get into the arena and I'm kinda still in awe, we are seated and I see the menu.  Uh I'm starving and it's chicken, ON A BONE?? Wait it's a HALF a chicken??? Ew...I don't eat meat off the bone.  Unless it is from a famous bar in Oklahoma.  Yes because THOSE chickens are SOOOO different.  H doesn't either so I'm now concered, he tells me "oh and you eat it with your hands" uh gross...*eyeroll* as if I don't eat that famous bar chicken with my hands.  He assures me that there is white meat in it and we'll be okay, just go with it.  Okay I can do that, but we may be stopping on the way home.  He laughs and agrees.

The horses were some of the most amazing breeds I have ever seen and I long forgot that I was eating chicken off a bone like a wild buzzard.  The equestrian skills also amazed me, I was impressed with the show, that is an understatement, I was very impressed!  It was a new show that no one had seen before so I wish them well and hope that we can see it again in a future adventure wherever that may be.

Oh, and our Knight, the Green Knight won...  ♥ g