29 November 2010


OPSEC is Operations Security and PERSEC is Personal Security.

In short I'm not listing our names and will be very vague about just about everything, it isn't that I don't want you to know it is that I don't want everyone out there to know. OPSEC is a huge deal and can bring harm to troops everywhere if one person lets out when, where, why or how, about even one, Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine. So I am asking that if you comment please use H&G and email me personally if you have questions that you know I cannot answer on here.

I have slipped already and had to edit a few posts, so help me if you see me slip up again! Just wanted to let you all know why things may seem so secretive = )

♥ g

a good day

My mom came down to visit and we spent the day shopping.  It was a good day.  I cooked dinner for the three of us and we did Christmas with mom, how fun!  Today turned out to be much better than it started out to be at 3am.  Tomorrow H is going shopping with us, I'm sure he is just thrilled.  I think we are then going to the arboretum or go check out some Christmas lights.  Mom says she must have a gourmet cupcake, so maybe we will hit up the cupcakery and see what they are all about.  yummmmmmmy.

Today also marks just over 3 months before H leaves for boot camp and will be gone for 9 weeks.  There is still a chance he will leave even earlier than that.  Reality is starting to really set in, it seems like just yesterday we were saying "oh we have plenty of time" now it's right around the corner.   Then it really hit me, I am moving in 6 months!  Perhaps it is just an emotional day for me but I am quite upset over it all.  When I moved away from my friends and family it was just 3 hrs, now it will be more than 12!!! I guess I can look forward to being felt up by strangers, um I mean flying.  I love flying but I'm thinking that my love is going to be really decreased with the thought and action of being violated.  Oh well I guess that is the world we have come to live in.  Maybe we can all take turns getting violated, hint hint, plan on coming to see me!!!!

I'm also getting a little nervous about the move, my "I can do anything" attitude has had a few hiccups, like today I told my mom I was worried about being able to see my car behind the uhaul, she asked why I really needed to see it...duh, to make sure it's still back there...H about died when I told him about it.  I'll be fine I know I will, now moving a king size bed into my (most likely a second story) apartment alone poses so many doubts about my ability to accomplish it...anyone wanna help me move? Ha ha...*sigh* all will be fine, I will be fine...yep time to start making lists!!!

I need to start moving everything back "home" into storage, so friends be on the lookout for facebook posts about me giving/selling things because I will be letting go of a lot!

Oh here it is almost 2am already, the 28th is officially over and I feel good.  I have amazing friends and family.  Thank you!

♥ g