15 March 2012

Oh My!

So I haven't been very good about keeping this updated. School was kind of a pill this semester, but what else should I have expected for an 8-week semester!? It's over and before I start the next 8-week semester I MUST update...

Cycle 1 went, and by that I mean the Clomid didn't work and the cycle was a complete dud.

Cycle 2 started later due to holiday travel and we added an hCG injection (known as a trigger shot) and an extra ultrasound to see if we were moving along as planned, opposed to waiting till the end of a cycle to find out what happened, if anything. Clomid worked, we had one perfect follicle, the hCG injection worked but we just didn't get pregnant, my progesterone was pretty low, so we started a supplement of that as well.

Cycle 3 started with the Letrozole in place of Clomid, and I had very very few side effects. No moodiness just joint pain, which was on the side effects list. I was pretty sure it didn't work because I was so use to the insanity Clomid brought with it. Headed to our 2nd ultrasound and we had 3 follicles! I was surprised! Dr had us wait a day to do the hCG injection. Then I got sick with a cold, I was pretty upset, I held off on taking any medicine and managed through it. Dr. had me start the progesterone much earlier this time. That has some fun side effects. I was pretty convinced that I was getting all the side effects from the progesterone, then I got my results back and it was good and high so yup everything was due to the progesterone. About a week later I had my pregnancy test, which was also scheduled on my birthday. H wasn't so sure this was a good idea, but I was thinking that "hey worst case, it's the all about me day so it'll be okay"...Happy Birthday to me my bloodwork came back positive!! Yep I'm pregnant!! Friday I go in to have my hCG levels checked again to make sure they are increasing as they should be!

♥ g