01 January 2011

Welcome to 2011

I told myself I would post every day in 2011 because this  is going to be a major year.  However I'm sick and refuse to take "daytime" medicine so I've been on "nighttime" medicine for a few days now, which has led to a few moments of WTH so far.   I'll keep this short so I don't have to edit later...forgive me for the randomness...

Being sick has probably jolted my ability to realize that it is 2011, but ya it's here and so much is about to happen.  I'll be back in school in a few weeks, as of Monday H will start the process of getting his transcripts reviewed, a new contract written up and get his name on the list to leave early.  Leaving early, huh...he only has like 70-something days till his actual ship date to begin with *grabs phone to check* it's 72 days....whoa...*sigh* we can do this.

We headed up to OK for Christmas and took the K9 kids with us, they met another canine family member and well, it was interesting.  Needless to say I think that they will be more than ready for the 16 hr drive to our new home by the time May rolls around. I think I'll be so excited to be close to H that I won't be worried about much.

We have started selling our furniture and I've been pretty good about going through closets and deciding what we need to keep, store, or get rid of.  I've already started the list of what to get when I get to IL...love my lists!

I knew this would be random as I can't focus on a single thing for long, so I'll sign off for my January 1, 2011 post..

May your year be full of happiness, forgiveness, health and wealth!

♥ g