14 December 2010

time is not my friend lately...

I really tried to make a point to write something everyday, however everyday turns into the next day before I even realize it.  I've been up working till nearly 2am every night for who knows how long.  H has to ask me if I'm coming to bed. Then we sleep in till nearly noon...I am not complaining I love that he is home, however I'm beginning to stress out about money for the next few months.

I am working on retiring several pieces of my jewelry collection and adding new ones and more tees for the spring.  This means getting accurate inventory counts and updating the website, which on some days has been just a nightmare.  No one ever said this would be easy, so many factors can cause me to become unhappy, feeling unproductive and most of them are out of my control, websites down, vendors having things on back order, it goes on and on.  Owning my own business has been amazing though.  Once we get through Christmas I'll feel a little better.  So far so good, and only 12, 11 days left, no I don't really know what day it is...

I'm pretty sure it's the 14th which *gulp* means H has now just 3 more months before he leaves.  Which brings me to clarify why I tell people he leaves on my birthday.  He leaves, like on the plane leaves 3/15, he has to stay in a hotel the night prior, being the 14th, yes I will see him on the 15th, but I'll be all alone the night of my birthday, not something I've ever had to do before...*sigh* I can do this, I hope to have several pillow pets and Hello Kitty plushes to curl up next to...wow 3 months...better start some lists!

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