21 December 2011

Try This...

I made cookies a while back and thanks to my ADD and inability to set timers, my cookies were a little more done than I like.  I had told some friends that the bread in their bag of cookies was to moisten them up, they had never heard of this before.  I soon realized there were a lot of things I do that would help out others, so here are a few.

Add a piece of bread to soften up cookies, make sure not to let the bread touch the cookies, as it will make them soggy! Rotating the cookies around will help them all get soft, once the bread is near crouton state, remove or replace!

I'm kind of picky about my washer being clean and the front load washers with the drawer just kills me, I have no aim with a bottle of fabric softener or bleach so I have opted to use a large hair dye applicator bottle to fill the appropriate spot.  Works like a charm!

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