03 December 2010


Oh what a baaaaad night to have insomnia. I ended up staying up way too late and believe the only way I fell asleep because I was so concerned about the sun already coming up. I then some how managed to wake up at 8:30, I mean 0830, (ya I'm working on that) and some how enrolled online, in the dark. WOW...I checked my schedule and I got in to all the classes I wanted it, so I'm impressed and can now add sleep-enrolling to my list of crazy things I can do. *heads back to school website to make sure AGAIN* yep I'm taking a required "Texas" course, History of Texas, College Algebra and French I, 13 hrs, *sigh* now on to make a list or two, three...

I woke back up around 1100 and thought H was mad at me for staying up late. Around 0530 he asked me why I was awake, to which I responded with "that's a stupid question,I can't sleep, why do you ask me that when I can't sleep, it's such a stupid question." *sniffle* he just stumbled back to bed, I wasn't mean but it could have seemed that way with my sleep deprivation. Thankfully it was all in my head, I came out to the living room and curled up with him on the couch, he was sweet and asked me why I was awake...*giggle* really what's with the sleep/awake questions? I just replied with "because" he suggested I get coffee = )

My mom got me a (RED)ISCOVER Starbucks coffee cup for Christmas, well so did my secret santa from the military nesties gift exchange, so to keep the second one or not, the day I got it H said "oh one for me" so today I asked him if he really wanted it (he is partial to my solid blue or black Starbucks cups) he said no he wouldn't really need it, in that "because I won't be here much longer" tone ugh...ok I can get use to this, really I can, until I can admit I can't I'm going to unleash on some lists, and organizing stuff...and maybe some more cleaning.

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